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Member since Nov 2, 2009



Business Owner at Kim's Connections

Business categories: General Health, Personal Services
Keywords: Health, Sales, Skin Care & Makeup, Save Money, Cash Back

About Kim


I would love to help you "Feel and Look Better"!  I can help you from the inside (healthwise) and the outside (beauty). 

Do you have allergies, aches or pains?  I have an all natural product that will help you feel better.

I am also a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant.  Are you interested in Anti Aging products?  How about basic skin care?  Would you like a makeover?

Would you like to get CA$H back on your online shopping?  Go to www.Shop.com/Connections



Kim's Location

Venice, FL 34293

Kim's Promotion

This member has not yet offered a coupon.


Women With Moxie
1631 NE Broadway #742
Portland, OR 97232
(941) 444-9697

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